Friday, January 05, 2007

Do you know you?

So I have about 10 days before classes start up again. Although I haven't signed up for any yet, I am hoping, no counting on it not being an issue. Yeah, I know, good luck! Right?

I am embarrassed to say this, but I spent most of the day today (and yesterday even) watching videos from!
You wanna talk about fearless, ambition, nutty, and weird? You have to check out you tube then. People really put themselves out there in a careless way. In a big way I am simply jealous because I am usually too self aware to want to draw random attention from others. It makes me feel like I am the uptight old guy with a stick in his ass, but I know I can't be him, he lives across the street.

So maybe this will help me to create a new goal for my life. Try to live a little more carefree. Maybe not worry about what others think. I know we all say we don't care, but who are we fooling, I mean really?? Many of us can't and would not just walk away from someone randomly saying something to us, beit Neg. or Pos. It affects us too much and maybe it shouldn't.

I can still remember my grandmother whispering in my ear every time we went into a public place, "remember, what you do not only reflects on you, but your family too." It's something that has stayed with me since and although I distinctly remember it keeping me from getting into trouble on numerous occasions, maybe it's stifling me now.

So here is to being a little less caring about how others feel about me, and more caring about having felt that I am leaving an impression.